Mission Wings Foundation

Mission Wings is an NGO with experience in managing projects related to the empowerment of people experiencing suffering or disadvantage; protection of children at risk and more. Our mission is to support, encourage and contribute to the development of the full potential of vulnerable children and adults to achieve excellence in various fields of life in Bulgaria. For the past two years our organisation has been running a social enterprise to support the families we work with. We have started making custom art for key partners who have believed in us and encouraged us to create business opportunities that support our causes. Thanks to the Let’s Go training program of the Bulgarian Center for Non-Profit Law-BCNL we were able to learn a lot about the development of social entrepreneurship. This encouraged us to embark on this adventure with the main focus being to create economic opportunities for vulnerable people.


Address of the Social Enterprise

Stara Zagora – address. “Hristo Botev № 205 – Central Office and Complex

Stara Zagora – address. “Lozenets”, ul. “1 Bogdan Street – a branch of the Complex

Harmanli – address. Harmanli, Harmanli Blvd. “Bulgaria” № 11


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