Izbor Strumica Pokrov

rehabilitation; treatment; educational, health, social, psychological and legal services

“Pokrov” is a social enterprise whose goal is work integration of people addicted to psychotropic substances. After successful addiction treatment, people have the opportunity to secure decent and stable employment, lead a productive life and fully integrate into the labor market. As part of the rehabilitation program, “Pokrov” produces organic food and high quality products, and the company operates successfully and independently on the market in North Macedonia.

Mission: To help persons with drug, alcohol and gambling problems to cope with addiction and after completing the program to reintegrate and resocialize into society by helping them find a job in the place of residence. Also, to include the people form the program in the production of organic products which is the economical component

Impact: – produces organic products through a rehabilitation program for addicts – treatment, rehabilitation and resocialization of persons with drug, alcohol and gambling addiction problems – finding a job in the place of residence for people who have completed the program

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