Igazgyöngy Alapítvány

Eradication of poverty / Education for disadvantaged and vulnerable people

The Foundation has been working to eradicate child poverty for 23 years. In 17 settlements, they continuously help families living on the periphery so they can break out of the circle of inherited deep poverty. The foundation has developed a methodology which (next by the education) focus on community development, job creation, the development of self-sustaining abilities and cooperation with institutions.

Mission: The Igazgyöngy Foundation works to eradicate child poverty and gnerational poverty in Eastern Hungary, especially in the region of Berettyóújfalu. They believe that the problem of child poverty must be interpreted in a complex way, in its full social embeddedness, and this principle also guides them in the search for solutions. The mission of the Foundation to invest into the generations of nowadays and then the next generation does not have to face the same problems. So that every child can become what they could be.

Impact: Community Development and Education

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