Griza Caci

The opportunity to help the largest possible number of citizens who are socially endangered in any aspect


In the heart of Radovish, something incredible is happening. It’s a movement – a force of compassion that’s changing lives every day.

GRIŽA CACI, in partnership with the Municipality of Radovish, is on a mission to bring positivity and improvement to the lives of our community members who need it most. We’re here to provide essential social services that make a real difference. 

Our social impact isn’t measured in numbers; it’s measured in the smiles we bring, the hope we restore, and the lives we touch. We’re here to help our neighbors who face social challenges in every aspect of life. Together, we’re building a community where everyone has a chance to thrive, and where kindness and support are the cornerstones of our society.

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22nd October
Radovish Municipality of Radoviš MK
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