Fundacja Leny Grochowskiej

Diversity and Inclusion - Education -Community development and mobilization -Art and culture

The Foundation dedicates to creating jobs for people with intellectual disabilities, supporting sheltered housing for people with intellectual disabilities, supporting repatriates, i.e. bringing Polish families to the country from the territories of the former Soviet republics, providing them with housing and work.

Mission: The Lena Grochowska Foundation was founded in 2014 from within the Arche Group, to help Poles displaced beyond the country’s eastern borders return to their homeland (from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine to Poland). They help them make the first step in their homeland by providing housing and work. Over the years, the Foundation’s activities have expanded to many projects focused on culture, art, and tradition.

Impact: One of the highest impacts in the country, especially when we look at social inclusive activities, events, spaces, employability and support. Their outreach is extremely high and their expansion and spread are of enormous help to society.

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