EU Institute Skopje

The mission of the EU INSTITUTE Skopje is to discover and respond to every need and situation in society by creating institutional change, better civic education, to encourage civic activism while offering space for lifelong learning, space for personal and social development.


At the heart of Skopje, a group of dedicated individuals came together in 2018 to form something extraordinary, something with a vision to inspire change, growth, and unity. They called it EU INSTITUTE, not just an organization, but a force driven by the passion to bring positive transformation to our society.

EU INSTITUTE’s mission is simple yet profound – to seek out the needs and challenges within our society and respond with innovation and dedication. It’s about creating a ripple effect of change through better civic education, promoting civic activism, and offering spaces for lifelong learning. We believe that personal and social development go hand in hand, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

In our vision lies a vibrant picture – a world where the energy and ideas of youth combine with the wisdom and guidance of adults. Together, we actively engage in shaping our society, taking responsibility for the present while nurturing personal growth for a brighter future.

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Skopje 1000 SK MK
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