Dolina Skrzatów

Diversity and Inclusion - Education -Community development and mobilization -Art and culture -Environment

The Organization is a holisticfocused system orienting children and youth to education
activities. The aims: 
1) interest in the surrounding world and better understanding of the place in it,  2) interest in history as a way to get to know yourself and the future, 3)
showing love for nature as a source of fascination, logic and beauty.

Mission: the priority is the values related to the culture and tradition of Slavic ancestors, their understanding of life and the world. The Organization encourages our kids, youth and their families to develop curiosity, creativity and respect for nature. They conduct thematic manual workshops at the Dolina Park.

Impact: high impact on youth and for kids. The educational activities are stimulating children to arts and creativity with an orientation to grow soft skills that are necessary for building future environmental-wise and innovative ideas of young individuals.


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