Bagel Bejgel

Diversity and inclusion, Peace, justice and strong institutions, Employment

Bagel Bagel is a social enterprise founded by the non-governmental organization “Atina” – which since 2003 has been advocating for the rights of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation, with the aim of improving the sustainability of its programs.

In addition to other Atina NGO programs aimed at supporting victims of human trafficking, Bagel Bagel is also a place for the work integration of female beneficiaries, which enables the acquisition of skills and competences for more efficient further integration in the labor market. In the Bagel Bagel store, there is a rich assortment of bagel pastries – bagel sandwiches, sweet bagels, but also meals where the bagel is served as a good addition: breakfast with eggs, soups and salads, and the like. Bagel Bagel also provides catering services, and bagel sandwiches become the base for delicious canapés with different food combinations. In addition, an offer of 100% gluten free products was developed, based on different types of flour substitutes.


Bagel sandwiches (100% gluten free and vegie options), sweet bagels, breakfast with eggs, soups and salads, etc. Services: catering services. Bagel Bagel is a social enterprise that produces the world-famous “bagel” pastry with the aim of providing gourmets with the opportunity to enjoy the incredible taste and smell of a rich assortment of this pastry. Nevertheless, the idea of bagel production was created on the basis of the fight against human trafficking, which makes this social enterprise not only socially responsible, but an example of how business can significantly contribute to the development of society.


To contribute to the employment, empowerment and social inclusion of human trafficking and gender-based violence victims.

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