Nature. “As a family business we have been working with wild mushrooms, forest fruits and medicinal aromatic plants for more than three decades now. Our passion and love for nature keeps us motivated and ready to share this incredible experience with the world.”

Agro-Florentina is a thriving and dynamic enterprise specializing in the collection and processing of mushrooms, wild forest fruits, and aromatic plants. Our products reach international markets, including the EU and North America. We’re deeply committed to working hand-in-hand with farmers from rural and remote areas in Kosovo. Over the past two decades, our operations have grown in tandem with our network of farmers and wild mushroom collectors. The community lies at the heart of Agro-Florentina’s mission, extending from our contracts with farmers and collectors to providing training in cutting-edge practices of Organic and Regenerative Agriculture. We also offer mentoring to support and enrich their farming endeavours. We’re not just a business; we’re a community-driven force for growth and progress.

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