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Teshavesha 2

Teshavesha 2  is the second charity shop founded by Action for Mothers and Children that operates with the main goal of raising funds to support the programs of AMC, which are focused in saving and improving women's, mothers, children and babies health in Kosovo. The shop receives clothing donations form the citizens and clothing companies free of charge, which are then sold at symbolic prices.
Adrian Krasniqi

Pana-Storytelling Furniture



Technology, Education, Environment, Employment
Stanisława Dubois 114/116
Łódź 93-465 Łódzkie PL


social care for the elderly
Ilija Aleksov 137
Radovish Municipality of Radoviš MK




Their social mission is rooted in empowering its users to become more environmentally conscious and actively participate in building a more sustainable future by promoting awareness of the circular economy, recycling, and the use of technology for the common good.

Agro Iris

Agriculture, Diversity and inclusion, Sustainable consumption and production
Vojvode Brane
Šabac Mačvanski okrug RS

Ethnic Restaurant “Kaj Viktor”

Bosilovo Municipality of Bosilovo MK

HESED – Health and Social development

ulitsa "Tsaribrodska" 70
Sofia 1309 Sofia City Province BG


Playback Theatre addresses to people of all ages, social and educational backgrounds. Thus youth can also benefit, for example young people can participate in performances and attend workshops.
Leoforos Vasilissis Olgas 148
Thessaloniki 546 45 GR

Local Community Development Foundation

LCDF - The social enterprise "ZAEDNO", produces products made from textile waste, namely: pillows, pet pillows, decorative pillows, children's dolls and clothes. We use textile waste as filling for the products, and some elements are also incorporated into the design. We design the products in cooperation with professors and students from the Faculty of Technology at "Goce Delchev" University, Shtip, and we receive the textile waste from textile companies from Shtip. Young people and people from socially vulnerable categories who develop skills and knowledge for work are engaged in their production. Since textile waste is a serious environmental problem, this is the way we recycle, reuse and reduce.
Kej Marshal Tito 37
Shtip 2000 Municipality of Štip MK


Botanic, an all-women team from rural North Kosovo, is committed to strengthening its value chain and uplifting women farmers and collectors in the region. They are expanding their activities to empower these women, creating a ripple effect of economic growth and community resilience. This initiative stands as a powerful testament to the potential unlocked when women are given the resources and opportunities they deserve.


MamaOrgana focuses on organic fertilizers and substrates obtained by reusing food waste, while also creating work opportunities for single mothers from marginalized backgrounds.
Finska 2
Skopje 1040 SK MK

Social enterprise “Няма невъзможни неща”

ulitsa "General Radko Dimitriev" 7a
Varna 9000 Varna BG

“Лице в лице” – “Lice v lice”

sustainable development, universal values, social justice, the principles of equality, the role of individual and collective responsibility
Orce Nikolov 93
Skopje 1000 SK MK